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Originally Posted by skires View Post
Just re read through this thread.

Kieran's is a good post.

HFT is all about meeting old and new friends and enjoying the day ... but most people will still be serious for that moment when they pull the trigger ... they'll want to knock the target down. Human beings are naturally competitive.

I think most people auto grade themselves anyway.

There will only be probably 20 odd people ( I'd probably narrow that down to 10 ish on most National courses ) who will win the open class but there will be little personal competitions going on all the way down the list. People will be trying to beat their personal bests ... people will have their eye on other shooters that they will have seen appear regularly around the same place as them in the result lists and they'll want to pip them at each shoot.

So there is natural 'grading' all the way down the lists ... just without the gonks ... but as KT has said ... the gonks aren't all important.

Yep I agree, I know I'm not going to win the Open YET but then I've only been shooting Air Rifles 18 months. As long as I beat Chillingworth this year, qualify for the Gathering again and another UK Gold is a bonus

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