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Originally Posted by Chris Coombes View Post
Big thanks to Sharon and Sean

Well me and Big Chris took a ride up there today to try it out,the welcome was fantastic me and Chris were ask to give them some feed back on the course and we did,which was taken well.
For a couple of people trying to set a course out that have NEVER done this sort of shooting before they did a great job,i would say they got it 68% right .
They said they will change the course around every now and again and will fined out what HFT and FT is all about, by looking up Web site to help.
So anyone that has a Sunday where there not shooting a comp and live in the area give it a go or you just like to shoot your air rifle go and have some FUN.

They had a small amount of input from me before setting it up. Although I had not had the time to follow up with the actuall target placements. Good luck guys, and as has been said, this venue will only ever get better with time and more input from experienced shooters.


One day LOL
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