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Originally Posted by Dunk View Post
I was picked up on everything....!

Sat on my foot! and hand on knee! everything i was not supposed to be doing by the sound of it!

i was a bit shocked on how upset and tense the chap got! i could not apologize enough,
and i honestly did not know i was doing any wrong. i am glad there was another chap with him who is real nice and chilled him out a bit!

oh well!
hopefully it hasn't dulled your enthusiasm!... i've never seen anyone inexperienced get that treatment and I dont hink it's deserved for even standing on your head. The only time a raised voice is needed is for safety.

best thing to do, nail a mega kneeling position and get a lane ahead of the person next time, nail both, then mutter something about how much easier they are when done to the rules and how you wished you'd known earlier. Then quietly observe said person try and take them
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