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Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
An interesting question Rob Why don't you start a thread on chronos next

I like data so here is some to digest.

As of July 2010 there are about 614 out of 2585 BFTA card holders who have more than 2 recorded scores (I don't know how active they are). Of these
23% are AA, 28% are A, 32% are B and 17% are C (of course some will be SFT and Piston)

This year's seven GP: there have been 776 entries to grades AA - C. Of these:
40% are AA shooters, 28% A grade, 24% B grade and 9% C grade.

It is perhaps no surprise that the AA shooters dominate the entries to GPs. So here is another idea - increase the prizes for AA shooters.

If 40% of entries are AA then offer them 40% of the trophies.

As there are 12 on offer then based on enties thery should be: 5AA, 3A, 3B and 1C

Personally I don't like that idea but I do think it's fair to offer AA prizes to 5th.

So my idea is maintain the status quo but add two more trophies to reflect the high number of entries that come from AA shooters.
Got to love statistics

Never really thought of doing it that way, an interesting point well made.
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