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As this is AA and other ideas, thought I would add another idea that I personnally would like to see and that is to add a Team Championship, seperate to the constructors.

The team championship can be made up of shooters from a full constructors team or partially from a constructors team and other shooters or just everyday shooters. This would allow teams such as team England, Team Wales, Team Scotland, Team Northern Ireland to compete and it would make it easier for the relevant management teams to secure sponsorship - could also have the respective country spring gun sides as well.

The team championship would also allow club teams or just groups of shooters to compete against the big boys as it were.

What do people think?

One word about grading since shooting a springer over the past two years my grade has gone down from AA to B what grade should I put myself in? I presume you will say AA but I would add that when I shoot my pcp at the moment the results are all over the place - presumably as I don't shoot much nowadays - also have lost confidence.


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