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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Aside from the chasing, I'd expect that carrying the things to the next shoot in the vain hope could mean he'd be amassing quite a pile to carry from shoot to shoot, as well as all the other stuff that magically seems to fit in people's cars as if they're some sort of tardis.

Always worth chucking tony an email if there's a comp related question, and if you don't have it, let me know and i'll pass it on (might even be on the Bfta website). He doesn't always get on the forums that often, but he's pretty quick on the email.
thats how i got sorted matey just a shame that no 1 nose who has the original 1,i think a way could be you sign for your trophy on collection so we no who has taken(little black book)i no its happened in the past and it could stop this because the person who collected it would hav signed for it,and you just go to him and not every 1 at the gp asking do you no who has my trophy
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