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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
just chucking these out there...

thoughts on FT having a AAA grade? 90% av +? Or AA moved to 85%?

just thinking that there's a lot in AA these days, the standard of shooting has got better, and it's quite a deep grade to get near the silverware in, and whilst i suspect that doesn't drive a few, i wonder if many felt like I did when i got in, which was akin to staring up a long ladder dissapearing into the clouds

another idea that came out with a chat to a mate, AA take 6 shots standing, A 5, B 4, C 4, with the other positionals being kneelers... so everyone shoots 10...

dunno... it's friday night
Other sports that use a grading system can accurately measure performance against the course, golf and archery spring to mind. Before you look at addressing the grading system would a system of determining the difficulty level of the course be a better starting point. You would then be able to measure performance against difficulty. If done properly a handicap system would also be possible and a prize could be awarded for the person who comes closest to his handicap. This will keep the interest of those who turn up to clap.

You currently allow the course builders a free hand so you are always going to have variations in levels of difficulty. The Americans use a system which accurately measures each targets distance and kill size and awards it a nominal value. If you take a cone from the firing line to a 40mm kill at 50m in theory a 25mm target placed at 25m has a similar level of difficulty.(wind/elevation is not a factor)

What you could do is give the course builder a list of target sizes and distance (plus or minus a percentage) that you want them to achieve. This would then be the standard that everyone is judged against. It might even allow you to tighten the grades.
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