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Here's my take on it. I voted it a 'no' , I personally think it's a bad idea. Here's why..

At the moment there isn't a huge divide between the 'top' shooters and the rest, the thing is two years ago there was about 10 people who'd have a shout of winning a round, step forward two years and there is about 25 people who are capapable of winning a round, dependant on conditions this number could be increased to about 30-35 people. Just like monkeys the HFT has evolved over the last two years and evidence points to the same trend reoccuring in the coming years, We'd basically end up with a **** load of people in the A GRADE, and not many in the lower grades.

Now in my opinion HFT isn't about going home with a peice of tin, if that's where we're heading then I'd think it would be a bad move and IMO potentially the down fall of the sport. HFT is more about comradery, having a laugh with good people and last of all shooting tin chickens in the woods, if you win a trophy then it's a bonus. Of course everyone likes to win, myself included, it's only human nature but winning isn't everything especially in a sport like HFT.

Thats all well and good me saying all this as I've had my share of trophies over the years but it isn't the trophies and the accolades that come with them that I treasure the most, it's the respect and friendship of fellow competitors. Take the Worlds for example I couldn't care that much for the big trophies but what did humble me was the amount of goodwill sent my way when I actually won, it was very humbling, I'll be quite honest I was rather overwhelmed by the amount of 'well done's' and 'congragulations' etc. that came my way. People were genuinley happy for me, this wasn't built up over just the one shoot I saw it as reflection of people's opinions of me built up over time, this is what HFT is all about!!! Not trophies.

Just my take.
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