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Default Trophy collecting

It depends if you know if youve won as Chris has said.

I have collected trophies for Steve Lanyman, John Costello and Ian Harford so far this year, thats because they have asked me to.

The trophy if not collected will stay at thew club or region for that trophy to be passed on, to that person.

I have noticed that during the presentation, if certain people are not there to collect, a member of their club or region have stepped in and collected it on their behalf.

The BFTA buy a massive order of trophies every year, so it might be a bit unfair to ask them to keep all the trophies for people who have left early. Tony Cook, Cedric, Kev Sayers bring the trophies to the events for us to obtain. I wouldnt like to ask them to take them back home and chase up the winners personally. I would of thought that was down to the regions to keep and pass on.

Just my view and opinion....

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