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I think so Pete and Dale.

I suspect the problem lies with shooters who say do one or two GP's, but commit to a winter league. If they're in a tough region, they very well may get pushed down a grade... come a GP, and with a thinner grade to shoot in, say one that's not so well attended, they punch out the top... then if that's all they shoot, they'll hold their grade.

The same thing happens in reverse. We have HFT shooters who shoot perhaps 1-2 winter leagues, and I know 2 from my clubs have been graded AA and A on one shoot...

I think springer and SFT's should have their grades side tracked. I don't think anyone does it to lower their grade for a trophy, but it does, and in the same vein, not losing your grade becomes a reason in the way of having a go.

I guess a proper statistics man would have proper maths based ideas about sampling and using data from different systems and using it in one common foriegn one.
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