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The problem with moving the grades around is while some people will suddenly start winning trophies, some people will stop winning them.

The idea of creating a 5th grade sounds good but within a short period of time you will have the same problem. how long is it since AA was created for the same reason ?? In a few more years will we need a AAAA.

I think the starting point for any changes to the grading system would be to ensure the current system is fair. I think we can all agree that the BFTA Grand Prix shoots are the hardest FT courses when compared to regional shoots, why is it then that we keep getting the same shooters in A, B & C grades who attain average scores in GP's far in excess of their grade range yet year after year they are in the same grade ???

If the top shooters in say A & B grade are year after year attaining higher grade scores surely the grading system is faulty or more likely people are playing the system, maybe it's time for series winners to be automatically raised a grade at the end of each season.

It also still amazes me how someone can be classed AA or A grade in their region yet compete in the GP's ion C Grade, surely it's time for all regions to submit all their scores for grading.
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