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Originally Posted by PaulD View Post
Don't want to hi-jack your thread but here goes
Ive been shooting FT for around 12 months now and decided to try a glove, i bought a nicely fitted one and find it really helps steady the rifle (something im still struggling with) however here's the rub? i shoot left handed so obviously i use the glove on my right hand. This is a BIG problem as due to the sidewheel i need to use my right hand to load the pellet! I have stopped using the glove as its too much trouble to keep taking it off each time i need to load. Ive asked about laying the rifle across my knee to load but i have been told this is a definite no no as the gun needs to point down range at all times when loaded Someone suggested using a finger less glove but all the fingerless gloves ive seen are the very supple type shooting gloves and not the more stiff style of FT glove. Any ideas anyone?

Hi Paul

there are a few

Schulz Exactia Leather HF
Schulz Exactia RV Glove HF
Kustermann Model 5 Glove
ahg Anschutz Comfort Glove 116
ahg Anschutz Short Glove 113
Gehmann 467

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