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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
I think before we start doing a witch hunt it would be fair if the other party responded.

I have pm's from both, and am awaiting a reply.

So i suggest we leave it there for the moment.

I'm not making any judgement on who's at fault, and indeed it may not even be possible to do so. The item deal, as i understand it was done elsewhere. As ever, the board can only serve to be a notice to sales and wants, it can never be the mechanism, so it is unfortunately down to the parties involved to try and secure a successful deal.

If people wish to enquire on a private basis as to who the deal was with, I cannot stop that obviously... but i'd rather not have the board turn into a witch hunting area

There is a mechanism between many of the boards to alert other admins of boards as to potential problems with members, so once highlighted a problem may well appear on the radar of others.
Well said Rob, lets leave it at that.
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