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Well, the content of the course is as much about making the trainees good shots as it is about making them club instructors, really.

It's split into roughly a third to a half of talking and listening, and the rest is practical. It covers safety and the law initially, it touches on the issues around working with vulnerable people, and it majors on shooting techniques, positions, posture, breathing, trigger control, range estimation, understanding trajectories and POIs, reading the wind and allowing for it etc.

During the practical sessions you train as an instructor by observing another trainee who is supposed to be putting into practice what you have heard in the class sessions. You make notes on how well they are doing, then it's their turn to pick you to pieces.

The qualification comes with the attendance, there is no exam as such but I can't imagine Bob Dickie or any other coach handing out a gong to a konb head.


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