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Originally Posted by LittleJack View Post
Through the summer months i go shooting at least 3 times a week this is about it for me, i think your discipline shots are most important and 99% of people need to practice them, and get comfortable with the way that they are shooting. Too much practice and i start pulling shots and twitching rather then losing concentration(plus my pellet allowance off the old man goes way down). Everybody is different you have just gotta find whats right for you.
I agree with this and I started to shoot around my club course standing only, it did teach me a few things and help my muscles to get used to standing like a teapot! But it also started to mess up my normal FT routine and I started to lose my trigger control a little too (As I tend to snatch the trigger a little on the standers) So now my version of training/practice is to find as many comps as possible and shoot them.
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