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Angry I thought the Airgunning community was all good

Well let this be a warning to anyone who thinks that the world of Airgunning is a great place to be.
Nearly everyone I have meet over the past year have been 100%, always helpful and patient, helping me learn the rules and techniques of HFT, and I really do thank all of them.
However on Saturday it had been arranged for over a week that I was due to swap my BSA R10 for a Daystate MK4s. Not mentioning no names but he is registered on here and the BBS, but is now banned on the BSAOG.
Anyway back to the tale of how to waste a week of your life, and cost yourself money.
Arrangements had been made for the swap to happen on Saturday between Milton Keynes and Bletchley, a good 2 hour drive for me. The other party was going to meet me there as he was travelling from WR10, and had buisness near MK to complete. All sounded great.
He requested a different stock and a standard shroud, so i pulled my R10's apart to accomadate the needs of the other party. So R10 as he wanted and scope all removed there I was waiting for this guy to show up.
He emailed me at 21:00hrs the night before saying everything is go.
Whilst waiting for him to show, my phone goes, its the other party, must be stuck in traffic.
OH NO he wasn't, he was still at home.
Said he had some good news and some bad news, bad news is he wasn't coming, he had gone into work that morning and apartantly part of the company he works for had gone bust, but he had not been laid off. Sorry to here that but whats that got to do with me (harsh I know but a deal is a deal). Tells me he now wants to sell the gun instead of swapping. As i pointed out, here i was waiting for him, my other R10 now needing setting up again, and for nothing. He told me then that he was going to advertise the Daystate as he needs the money, well call me old fashioned here, but surely he should have kept his word and swapped rifles and sold the JB'd R10. After all he still had his job, and nothing else had changed.
So I headed home feeling rather dejected, and very angry as well as stupid for being strung along like this.
I waited till the Sunday before emailing him, and surprise no reply.
So basically 4 hours of driving, wasted fuel and time, 2 guns now that need to be re setup and a Sunday comp missed as well.
So the moral of the story is don't get taken in by people like this, I truly thought I was a good judge of character, and now I will always feel somewhat let down by the sport I have come to love.

What about the good news I here you cry, no good news for him, however, being a Moderator on the BSAOG i did get the satisfaction of making sure no one on the BSAOG gets taken in by this person again.

So if you see a Daystate MK4s R/H .177 Serial No. 3425 being offered for sale or swap, please think twice about wasting your time.
And a message to that person, thank you for wasting my time and I shall be letting all the forums just how you think you can treat people.
Mods of the STB, if you want details of this person, please feel free to PM me


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