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I'm really struggling to fire a shot out of comps... last time was erm... think the week before Nefta Classic.

The problem with practice, is practising a bad habit, or becoming comfortable with non competiton conditions and then tripping up under them... that's not to say it's not beneficial... it certainly helps, but when that brick wall or performance plateau appears, it's normally not a lack of practice that's apparent... in fact, it seems the worse the brick wall/plateau is, the more the person practices.

It's just far more productive to train as opposed to practice, and the subtle difference between training and practice is probably best explained in the same manner as the difference between instruction and coaching.

Identifying the problem areas a good step to working productively...

Also, knowing you're on the back foot a bit, often makes you concentrate just a tad more than being relaxed and becoming sloppy... but it's important to concentrate on the stuff you can control, rather than fretting about the stuff you have less control over.
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