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Not always the case mate, I usually take a break from competitions during the winter and ease off the practising to get a rest but this year I shot the Midlands hunter right through and though I got a good result there I have shot terrible in the UKAs from the beginning of this year and just crashed and burned at the worlds.Infact I've had some of my worst results for four years this year.
I shoot every week without fail yet my son, who I can usually just beat on a good day normally wins me if he can't be bothered to practise, it's strange he always does better with a few weeks lay off in between competitions.
I think you need to practise enough to keep your eye in but not too much that you burn yourself out. My problem I think was that I'd done so much shooting I'd started to loose a bit of interest without reolizing and the worse I got the more down hearted I became about it so the worse I got and so on.
Had a short break now though looking after the missis following her operation and getting back into it with a new bit of kit so I feel much more enthusiastic about the rest of the season and I'm really looking forward to it.
Yes I think practise makes perfect but a rest now and then is as important as anything. Kieran Turner once said that good shooting was 60% attitude,30% skill and 10% luck, don't know if it's true but there you go.

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