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Default Rule changes...?

Originally Posted by ts@emftc View Post
I think it would be a good idea that we use 4 man teams next year then we all get a shoot (just an idea). QUOTE]

Tristan - the normal format has all 6 team members shooting in the first round so everyone gets to shoot at least once. As only 9 teams entered it messed it up a little - I heard a couple of comments saying it may have been a good idea to have had the full 6 shooters in the second round but obviously that would have extended the amount of time needed to get through all the comps but I am sure it will be considered if this situation crops up again

Its quite a new format and the guys and gals at Anston will fine tune areas that need it and I am sure it will improve year on year.

On the subject of rule changes, many of the FT shooters that I spoke to said that the one minute limit was not enough to shoot two targets, especially for us with a 50ft adaptor to flip up and down when a lane has a 12 and 40 targets. The HFT guys seemed to have less trouble, but they aren't "twiddling" with wheels and knobs and things..! Consider 90 seconds for FT next time please..?

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