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Just to put the record straight,

I came across this scope last Xmas, then asked Sparky and a few others to take a look, as Aim were going to have them at the Aigun Show in FEB, received mixed reviews, but like any scope you really need to have it on a gun and try it yourself.

I rang Pete as i knew he knows T Finley, and i had heard that Tim was doing some work with Aim, i asked Pete to see if he could get me one to try for free/review, worth a try, but didn't happen.

Tim then checked a couple out, and found that they were not True Mildot, but did say he thought they were on Par/Close to his fixed 10 S&B mildot.

Tim via Aim passed this back to Sightron, they have manufactured the piece parts that were needed and are assembling a batch for shipment to the UK. They are expected any time now.

There are more people who have shown an interest, than are coming in the first batch i think, as for price am expecting around the 500 mark, but could be wrong.

As Pete will be the second person, to get his hands on one, we await his verdict.

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