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Originally Posted by 5teve L View Post
Ah there you are John, thanks again for the offer mate, a true gent. If it hadn't dried out i'd have taken you up on the offer.
I think it prob is/was just me, I think i was expecting to do a bit better (understatement ) & drove a long way to shoot my worst score since starting to shoot .177

Spongey, i think we may be taking it all to seriously these days, it seems a score under 55 is a bad day, when in fact it's a good score..See you at ours on the 31st & expect your arse to be handed to ya

Bring it on Lofty!
Once the deed is done we must post our individual scores up here!
You've seen how i have been shooting lately....Plus you have Home advantage.(List of ranges etc)
Bleddy horshamites..just a load of pikey's!

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