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what would really help me, is if people could email me on the following :

Full Name (needed for obvious reasons)
Address (so i can pass it on so they know where to send the email)
Passport no. (so customs can corrolate a person's id)
Telephone no. (so I can contact you each to check everything is ok)

Rifle, make, model and serial number (yep, your going to have to make a decision on this by the end of this week)

Also an email address or fax number would be nice... because i've got to prepare some authorisation forms that you need to send off, and it would be easier via email or fax, as opposed to snail mail.

I know that's a lot of info to trust me with, but i'm afraid that's the easiest way.

If you can get as many of fellow shooter's details as well, that would be great... or get them to email me.

The more info I have up front, the easier and faster it will be

If you want to add your credit card details and date of birth, great, my bolivian retirement fund does need a top up ... but they're not needed
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