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Rob, you want to take that Lens back part of the photos are out of focus! (Must have baught it from same dodgy shop as March?)

Anyway, here are my memories from Gp7, starting with my favourites.

Holly checks that he has braught an extra 10

So that come the end of the shoot and having been whooped once again by a NJR100 he can gladly hand over the Cash.
Good Sport Holly, enjoyed the day. Please note I won the who can wear the silliest trouser comp too.

Now to knock you out of the showdown!

The new Hammerite gun was much inspected and admired. Not sure if it will be available in all the usuall colours?

Some of the Am shooters had to Push Off early as it this pace it will take 2 weeks to reach Gp8!

Strange wind reported by Ozzy on the Zero range

Pm shooters warm up on the Sillywets

Pm session

The 8 yard reducer was at a nice angle making it not so straight forward.

and he was not the only one to miss it

You heard of running water?

Well East Devon had walking Water. Damm good idea and very welcome to have the mobile drinks fir am + Pm shooters, you did not even have t get up from your bean bag! Cheers!

Note, slightly more glamourous drinks hostess might be an idea?

Warning, Smoking can seriously damage your

chances of hitting a stander

and even sitters

Having done another great ringing display, Arms dealer Jacob sits and enjoys a well deserved tea.

Boys and their Toys

If James is going to stay on 2 down, meditation is needed. Or is it medication?

The old men of the woods

As they we not going very near the desired aim point, Chubby threw his pellets away, only for them to be pounced upon by the pellet praying Caplingmantis

Berty lines up another


Berty is encouraged to carry on

The final podium place in C class went to kneelers, the bears weak point

Leaving Dean Jukes to take 3rd place

Last but by no means least, Thanks to all that helped in putting on and running Gp7.

BFTA Grading Q's to;
sorry wont answer Bfta q's on forums, Cant keep track of replies etc!
BFTA updates on

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