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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
Cheers Salty Dog...

Many thanks to Chris and the East Devon and the SWEFTA boys for a top GP on their first ask. Not a single stoppage all day was a testament to the hard work gone in ensuring it was so. Course was testing in terms of length, but the scores reflected that it was about the right level of challenge, a tricky balance considering the conditions predicted. They played their part, a light breeze perpetuating most of the course, with stillness in some parts yet strength in others. The afternoon saw the breeze penetrate the woods a tad more, and with perhaps a bit more bite, yet even in the afternoon it took judgement to deduce just how much or how little this would move a shot.

6 standers tested the positional aspect, but it was perhaps not those that troubled most of the top scores. John Costello was unfortunate to get bitten on two consecutive sitting targets having cleared 41before on the trot, and whilst this shattered the dream of us witnessing two clearances back to back by the same person, it kept Chris Jones' course intact, and John happy with the thought that there are not many who could claim 91 GP targets without a miss, or perhaps 98 ex 100 over two consecutive GP's. In addition, this puts him in an extremely strong position overall for the title, with 286 points out of a possible 300 with 4 wins and one second place. John only needs to finish better than 10th equal to ensure that points tally further increases.

Strong showings from the other grades suggest there will be a few more shooters will be climbing the grade ladder for the winter leagues, and as ever, the piston class wasn't far behind with Nick Murphy leading the day on a 43, the other two places on 40 and the SFT crew close behind on high 30's.

Top stuff on the silhouettes from Berty Bassett, on a range that was extremely exposed to a strong breeze... the later shootoff for the silly's positions demonstrating this to great effect as each struggled to get more than a couple on each bank, or enough to get a lead.

All good stuff, South West style.

Off to Bisley next in a couple of weeks, and if there's anyone out there in the region that can lend a hand before or on the day, just contact Loopyloo and she'll point you in the right direction. See ya there
cant agree with you anymore rob couldnt beleive how smoothly it went, started at 9 finished at 11,cheers guys fanstic coarse well worth the drive even in my poorly car,had to stop at every service station to fill up with water on the way home lol,that will teach me for looking at new cars,old bess had the last laugh,me mark and derek all finished on 40 in b grade,same i coudnt hav done the shoot off
cr 97 in jim vickers ft stock bsa big 60 scope, and silly about of hunting guns

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