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Fair comments there, and I agree Dave, practice does make perfect.
But inevitably there are those with more ability than others, it's human nature, some are born with better stuff than others. Now skill is a learned thing, you ain't born skillfull, BUT training and practice make us learn skills and once learned technique is perfected.
However once a skill is mastered there are those with a natural ability that will always achieve better/higher results than those with a lesser ability. No matter how much practice/experience/trainning some put in they will reach a peak/plateau where no amount of kit and further practice will gain them any better/higher results.
Thats where the grades come in, and indeed there is the the goal of going up a grade, some don't but most do, until you reach/match those of your ability which you can compete with.

All below are hypothetical examples:
If there was a AAA grade how many would be in it in total 30? And if there was going to be one then the prize in such a class would need to be decent enough to warrant the level of committment/training and expenditure that the best shooters competing in it deserve. (consistently hitting 90% takes some going). However some would argue is a AAA grader any more committed than a C grader? Are we going down that route of eliteism or is it just another grade to give the lower half AA shooters a more competitive group? It could deter a newcomer thinking, "how many grades do I need to move up til I fight with the big boys?"

The suggestion of more compulsories is a good idea however, as it's these that do sort the men from the boys!
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