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Originally Posted by NJR 100 View Post
How many AA and A class shooters have entered each round so far this year?
if you say 5/6 so far, then about 20 in each... but then you only need 6/9 to count, so it's difficult to say this early in the season... if you think about how many are in the raffle at sywell, it's a lot more that do 5-6 rounds.

interesting the spread of replies... not unexpected either My thoughts around AAA were that as you say Dave, past a point, more are concerned with the overall result rather than within the grade, but under and in the same grade, the newer shooters are still seeking a boost from touching silver. It's just an idea I had in my head, nothing more, but was just chucking it out there to see what people thought... train hard fight easy, but don't practice a bad habit...
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