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AA in GP series is vast !

When i went into AA your up with the big boys & GP series is hard, it does knock the wind out of your sails if your not getting anywere & a little silver wear or recognition does boost your confidance i guess.

There are a quite a few shooter that hold a 90% shot average when placed in GP series but when broken down in regions ie Winter Leagues it would leave a minority probably only the same 5 or 6 plus shooters fighting over top spot in AAA ? ........................... But this would be the case if they where still in AA so is there any differance ?

Maybe a AAA grade would make a little depth & be something new ?

From my position i worked hard & put a lot of effort into working my way to AA & it does come quickly initially but as i have found when you hit AA you also hit a brick wall ( well i have )

Think extra positionals would potentially sort the men from the boys or bridge the gap in AA to AAA or not ?
Or would it just add confusion ?

Anyway i'm off to Redfearns know to shoot some tin chickens !

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