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Originally Posted by RobF View Post
I have spoken to Roger about what the BFTA can do, and I need to talk to Doc about what they need. Don't worry, we'll do everything we can. One idea is that with the entries being finalised at the start of August, we'll have a list of names and will be able to provide numbers. Then hopefully the HFTA can tie that up with the list of kit they collected, and issue the permits... but we'll see. Hopefully we can avoid having to issue a doc specific to each and every person, but we'll have to see what comes out in the wash. Don't worry, we're on it

Recived email from Doc today ( see below ) looks like they do require individual permits specific to each person, & no i'm not panicing .............................. yet !

Dear Scott,

The precedure is easy. I assume it is already described in the 'how to bring your air rifles to Hungary' section of our official website.

Just to remember:
- you provided all of the data
- we need a paper from the national association which authorizes the membership (details on the previouskly mentioned webpage)
- i will send you a document (for each of the shooters) as an empowerment that must be signed and sent by fax to the police directly.
- you will be receiving the permit by post from us.

I am to write the exact description this weekend with the documents etcetera.

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