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Originally Posted by Ste Hughes View Post
i never said they weren't allowed

the sport has moved away from them

i can only talk about local events Cos I donít actually shoot FT or HFT outside my Daddyís club but when my daddy first started HFT at tawd every week everyone used to turn up at 8am and try and out do each other on targets, there were pipes, cages, wooden blocks with a 40mm hole cut in them for the kill ect. that was the difference between HFT and FT back then

75% of the first seasons 'league' was made up of FT shooters just having a laugh and doing something different, 20% was just plinkers at the club, 5% were the serious HFT shooters

and now i get the feeling the courses have changed to suit the 'serious' hft shooters

thats my opinion of it anyway, not got a problem with it. i couldnít care less really as I have no friends I like to stick my nose in & get people on here to talk to me but i think the older style was alot more fun as I used to actually win something- and ill tell you one thing, we rarely had the same faces winning week in week out like we do now. that only happened when the style of the sport changed to what it is now. the reason why i don't know, maybe the new style suits the more technical shooters more than the old did. maybe the old style introduced a bit of luck - who knows but I donít like it as I donít win anymore & my daddy says Iím the best shot

but where the "you seem to know more about it than the orginisers" bit came from pete i do not know

anyway - back to grading
Lol, i think someone's been edited
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