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Oh absolutely. I just prefer to try and determine what is happening under what conditions clearly, with my own gear. I don't believe however it applies to all gear... there's definitely different shift influences, i know of two on my rig, one of which i know the root cause, the other i hope a service will sort... it's just about knowing your gear. If i can mitigate the problems, I will, because there's less problems to shoot with... i find that most shoot a lot better if they're thinking about what they're doing as opposed to what could go wrong.

i'm more than happy to accept that i might not be able to 'cure' the march, because i'm more than happy with the rest of it's performance, and able to cope with it when it does move. Just having a bit of fun trying, and seeing what else I discover along the way... i also still need to get a handle on exactly when it moves and what the threshold is like, and indeed, perhaps what is beyond that either side. I'd like to 'know' the scope

at the end of the day though, with perfect rangefinding, you still have to know where to stick the crosshairs, and be able to execute the shot

i see from the other thread, there are new/fixed S&B's out there.
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