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Originally Posted by JasonGoldsmith66 View Post

Per our previous PM, how is one to tell the difference with the factory *newly* modified/repaired S&B scope, IF there is 1 for sale, but 2nd hand ?

Do S&B have a serial number on each scope ? or is that on the box ? and how can you guarantee the box nbr., actually matches the scope if there is no serial nbr on the scope ?

Thanks for advising.
Every S&B scope has serial number, on the scope and on the box as well.
I do not know which sn. is good and what does not. There are 4 mates who bought in last summer, and they had same problems. Lot of phone calling, e-mails but the S&B replied, they working on it. I ordered 3 FT scopes in last summer, and one came in january, the other two in April. (Two is mine one used by my mate). We tested a lot, and ther is no any problem with them. When my friends saw that the factory can also make good, they sent the scopes to them on end of April. After 6 weeks the scopes are arrived but unfortunately no improvement was not observed. Again, phone calls, and once again returned to the factory with them. Yesterday arrived. As I know that since the factory was not sure what the problem is therefore replaced the entire interior. Yesterday were vry hard tests of the scopes till 10 to 40 celsius, and there is no problem anymore. This is a good news to my friends, becouse they have a good scope, and a good news to the factory because the next step would be that they are redeemed, and good news for everyone who own S&B what not working well. That's why I wrote it.
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