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Default Shepreth round and a RINSING!!

Hi all

I had a epiphany this evening whilst laying by the pool on my chez lounge smoking a Motecristo cigar, that young ..and i use the term loosely, Pete ( do you know who i am ) Sparks has sadly, i say sadly but how happy are we ... has not qualified for said " GATHERING "( clap of thunder) . I also understand that Mr S Cameron ( not PM ) has done it before Pete. Now we have all been shooting a while , we have all had our ups and more than most...BUT Sparky is NOT far in the gathering ... How chuffed am i... Now here is the thing...Shepreth is round the corner and i want everyone to go because on present form...HE AINT GETTING IN!!!! We need to get everyone to go just so he HAS to shoot in the allcomers ..this is of course not a bad accolade to most of us BUT a UKA( don't you know who i am ) shooter this is the worst.. So come one come all to " Rinse the Sparks"..." Beat the Pete" Lest keep him out of the top spot.

What a pleasure it would be as he slopes off to another course as we walk triumphant to the "Gathering" course..and lest we not forget ..i have come that must be a record...Lets go to Shep and see what we can do

It would be funny a ??

I didn't ask for these powers !
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