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Default What happened to my rinsing?

Dear Mr Charlton

Thank you very much for the opportunity to hand you back your own @rse at Castle last weekend. Although I would have thoroughly enjoyed being rinsed, it was much more satisfying knowing that you were collapsing under your own self inflicted pressure, and that there was an 'embarrassing' amount of 'clear air' by the time I handed in my card, which I must admit was fairly mediocre by my usual standards.

I would like to point out that my 'weakened' state only exists in between lanes, and once on the firing point I'm as honed and deadly as I ever have been, however I recognise that my positional shots have been a little more 'wobbly' than usual.

That said, I very much enjoyed the tea , and also helping you spend your bonus bunny cash from the recent UKAHFT National Round at MAD. As I recall, I also managed to hand you your @rse on both days here too

I look forward to yet another return match, but understand if you don't feel you can 'step up' as neither of us can remember the last time you finished ahead of me in any competition. Not a good position for the 'World Number 2'.

Sorry for the long reply, but I thought if I was going to spout off a load of BS, I might as well give it my best shot

Enjoyed your company this weekend mate!

Cheers, Ian
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