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Originally Posted by Ste Hughes View Post
everyone is going on about the new people

but i would say new people start at club level? not at national level where this would be brought in (i know its not )

also people are saying its too much like FT?

so what?

both sports have pretty much the same people in
same standard of rifles and same costs
same targets (except 15 and 20mm (which would be immense in FT i feel))
HFT has gone away from the cage shots and pipe shots which was the main difference, welcome to prone FT
how long before 55 yarders are introduced

HFT, its FT hunter style (and i mean that in a good way)

out of interest would there have been the world championships at kelmarsh if there wasnt a FT shoot at the midlands? would the 'match play' shoot exist if the show down didn't? would the ukahft exist without the bfta?

and the killer, would HFT exist if FT didn't

i personally don't think so - not a chance
Thats the beauty about this forum Steve we don't have bite we can just delete you when you start

You seem to know more about HFT than the organisers? cage shots and pipes are still allowed if they are put out with common sense.

And no UKAHFT wouldn't exist if it wasn't for FT/BFTA as it may of been called something else if they had said yes instead of no to the help i wanted in 2001

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