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Default In practice .

I have and love my leupold 20.50 . it changes at the slightest thing . if i go from the open to under a tree it changes two and a half yards in seconds . so what to do about it ? USE it . learn it . i set it up in the summer .70 degrees . it ranges true .why . cos that is when i need it to be at it's best for the GPs . when it gets cold it goes out by up to 7 yards . so i now have a comp X for the winter . less lenses less change . one trick on the 20+50 is to take the wheel to the end of it's travel and butt it lightly against the stop twice this will bring the range in right under said tree . slightly colder , slightly darker . but over the years all i usually do is to range the targets and then set the top turret to the range given . then aim into the top of the kill zone . cos if i miss range it is allways short . simple like rob ??? HOLLY PS when out in the open , i put my shooting hat over the scope on it's bean bag to stop direct sunlight getting onto it .
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