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Originally Posted by Willbe View Post
Ohhhh bloody hell touchy!

Bloke asks question, bloke gets answered question!

Seriously though, we been shooting together what 2 years? Never known you to have an issue with the S400 and to be honest could form the basis of further development if you so fancied. You are right about the trigger mod too, felt a lot better when you did it.
Me, touchy, that'll be the day!
Anyway you're spot on mate, the 400 can do everything you need, very comfortable at anything under 45 yds, just struggle sometimes at 55, it takes a little more compensation for wind and a bit more drop than say an ev, or steyr at extreme distance. They can be tuned and there is always someone at any club who will know how to fettle them.Find a ginb stock second hand, I put an mpr trigger and a hamster on the standard stock on mine, with a decent scope on a good day you can give the others who have spent a fortune a fright.
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