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Arrow NSRA: Use of Air Rifles in .22LR Postal Competitions

The Rifle Committee is considering allowing the use of air rifles as an alternative firearm in postal competitions currently open only to .22 cartridge rifle shooters.

In order to gauge potential take-up and to highlight any issues or difficulties that might arise it had been decided to conduct a trial during the 2010/11 Winter season. The leagues to be used are the (210) RWS National Short Range, (212) Women’s and (241) RWS Short Range S&K club team leagues. Both .177 and .22 air rifles are allowed.

A competitor who chooses to use an air rifle must submit an average for the course of fire shot with an air rifle. It must also be identified as such on the entry form with an "A". A competitor who enters the league with an air rifle average will not be able to revert to the use of a cartridge rifle during the course of the league in question.

In accordance with NSRA Rules for scoring, all competition cards will be scored using a .22 gauge. The rule states "in competitions where rifles or pistols of either .177 or .22 calibre may be used, all cards will be scored with a .22 gauge."

A brief chat with Rutty on the BBS where the original thread was has the rules being as per the .22 rules, meaning no scopes, but you can have a punt with your 10m gear or anything else which fits within the current rules for .22

I think all i need is to put a handstop and sling on the 10m gun and i'm off... so perhaps might be attractive for those with similar gear used for bell target and 10m.

I wonder if they would consider opening a class for scopes, as I could see a few HFT'ers using it for practice
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