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There's been a bit of up and down with them, so there's no wonder a bit of confusion surrounds... but there's no need to grab the loudhailer as far as i'm concerned

There's 2 areas that normally cause concern...

1) The leading hand, ie the left if your right handed, has to be unsupported from the wrist forwards. The hand does not need to be forward of the knee anymore. (i think it was deemed inpractical for elevated shots...

2) The rear foot, ie the right if your right handed, has to be vertical. It can be folded vertically, but not twisted at the ankle. This means that if you look straight on at the sole of the foot, the line from the heel bone to the toes must be vertical to the ground (even though it might be bent if you look at the side of the foot). This prevents very flexible people from laying their foot sideways on the ground and putting their backside on it. The foot is only allowed to be supported under the ankle, or the knee is allowed to be protected from the ground. But you must maintain 3 points of contact with the ground, ie the knee cannot float.

I keep meaning to do some shots of this... might get around to it over the break.

I'm in two minds about the leading hand. For me, my technique exploits the rules, which i'm not keen on...if I concentrate on it, then it's as stable as sitting, however sloped shooting points do muck it up, as does my lack of concentration.

I'd like to see the elbow as being the only point of contact... but it's only a game
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