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Jerry kindly let me shoot his AR20 today, I must say I was impressed with it out of the box as it is, Now Jerry won't mind me saying its built to a price but thats only on the ABS butt stock, ABS knee rest which comes with spacers to increase depth if required and the alloy extrustion which covers the barrel and air cylinder the extrusion has a rail for accesories underneath. The breach block is alloy with a steyr like weaver scope rail on top as standard again. The quality and finish of the action is of a high standard, The trigger has a nice release but for me the 1st stage is a little long but looks easy to adjust if your used to the walther trigger adjustment method. The ABS stock has many adjustments and the length is again adjusted by use of spacers and is fully ambi so good for us left handers. Shooting the AR It feels very dead , no flip no drama just a nice smooth action. Suprisingly the rifle does feel heavy compared to a Pro-target that was also at the club but i put that down to the 300Bar cylinder it comes with and if your used to walther weight should not be an issue, The AR also comes with some weights so you can add to the stock to get the balance correct.. On the whole i was impressed with the rifle, may not be to everyone taste on finish but at 644 you can't really go wrong plus at that price you could spend abit on a Gary cane custom stock and still be under the second hand value of say a walther or steyr.
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