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Originally Posted by Tin Chicken 101 View Post
My parents are starting a HFT/FT Air rifle layout. I am interested in starting and really like the look of the synthetic stock rifles. I would also be shooting pests around the farm so it needs to be powerful and pre charged / Co2 or a springer? I am limited to 250 any ideas or advice would be greatful.


Tin Chicken
Mate if you're who I think you are and you've read the replies to the threads your dad has put up then you'll have an idea as to what you can get.

As to power, well most quality rifles will do the legal limit, that is 12 foot pounds energy (FPE). That's all the power you're going to get from a non-FAC air rifle.

So, let's break the cost down here:

The minimum you're going to pay for a secondhand quality PCP with a decent scope is between 250-300. The former if you're very lucky and get a great deal, the latter if, like the rest of us, you have the normal allocation of good fortune!

The thing is, you're going to need another 100 at least for the charging gear.

It'll be tempting to go for the (very slightly) cheaper option of a pump but the difference between a pump and a bottle will be 20 or so and most youngsters find that they simply don't have the weight to use a pump in any way that's bearable. Oh and everybody will take the ****, whilst you go red in the face pumping the damn thing!

A 300 BAR (anything less than 300 BAR is pretty useless as you'll get very few charges of your rifle before you need to get the bottle filled again) 3 litre bottle will set you back about 130.

So that means you'll need to spend at best about 380 and probably more like 400 plus.

The alternative would be a decent quality springer. You could probably get a decent HW springer second hand with a good scope for 250.

Forget CO2, for your purposes it's useless.
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