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Originally Posted by JAGXKRS View Post

BBQ Menu

Flattened deep fried Haggis*
Breast of deep fried haggis*
Leg of deep fried haggis*
Deep fried Haggis Wings*
Fillet of haggis deep fried *
Deep fried Sirlion of haggis*
Haggis on a stick/Haggis kebabs deep fried *
Haggis sausage's* deep fried
Rissoles (Cos Essex boys don't do Haggis)

* Warning may not contain real Haggis and its up to you to supply the Haggis or Haggis substitute and deep fry it before its BBQ'q

And no Dop I'm not buying your bloody Rissoles either.

The shooting of live Haggis and all forms of deep frying is forbidden at MAD.
Thats a blow, i like my pizzas deep fried in batter, with a deep fried Mars bar for dessert.

Apparently this isnt the healthiest diet in the world but nobody has ever died of a heart attack, have they?
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