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Originally Posted by john0108 View Post
Hi Steve.

Listen mate, I dont normaly take waif's & strays in but my offer on Sat was genuine, you were having a bad day on Saturday (weather, early start etc) and then a cold damp night with the Rivi wild life.
I wouldn't blame the gun just yet. Give it another go & see if the score improves.
If not sell it & get a proper Daystate


Ah there you are John, thanks again for the offer mate, a true gent. If it hadn't dried out i'd have taken you up on the offer.
I think it prob is/was just me, I think i was expecting to do a bit better (understatement ) & drove a long way to shoot my worst score since starting to shoot .177

Originally Posted by blackscale View Post
Sorry Steve but ignore all the others...You are just Crap!

It seems You Me Simmo and a few more have 'Peaked'...At a Young age

I Blame them pesky juniors!....

My work is seriously trying at the mo...don't help!...As everyone say's, Bad patches come and hopefully go!

So get your ar$e into gear and stop sulking like a big girl...and the stock is great, just start enjoying yourself again!


Spongey, i think we may be taking it all to seriously these days, it seems a score under 55 is a bad day, when in fact it's a good score..See you at ours on the 31st & expect your arse to be handed to ya

In life you should not persue goals that are easily achieved, develop an instinct for what can be only just achieved through your greatest efforts.
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