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I can see things from both sides,

A newbie shooting against the World Champ must be a bit diss heartning, on Sunday there were how many in a shootoff for 3rd on a 58, so yes for newbies then grading may be the way to go.

An average shooter may see grading as an incentive, mostly because they already recognise they are average, and will always be so.

The top shooters will always be the top shooters, apart from the odd bad day, they will always be up there.

So yes good and bad points for all.

If the demise of .22 or recoiling, is seen to be a problem then why not introduce what most clubs already use.

PLUS 3 points for recoiling and PLUS 2 points for .22, note, these numbers could be taken as the average difference over the last 3 years of UKAHFT scores.

You must also consider the problem that FT has, of people deliberatly shooting to influence their grade !.
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