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Originally Posted by NarkyMark View Post
I've not been shooting very long, Anston, November last year was my first ever comp' with the BSAOG forum, since then I have been truly hooked.....
I can honestly say I have never felt I have had to make an impression, If anything I have had nothing but encouragement and guidance by some of (IMO) thee best shooters in both FT & HFT, I choose to shoot an EV for HFT simply because that is what I find I shoot consistantly better with, it does not make me a better shot, as it was only the other week I equalled my PB that I had previously set with my BSA 2 months earlier, I have since beaten that again with the EV, maybe I would of with my Beesa, I don't know, I don't really care.
As already said I am in the process of having my Beesa reborn, If after trials, I can shoot it better than my EV then I will be using that as my main HFT rifle instead.
Sod impressions, I'll shoot what I shoot best!
I think you'll find quite a few new shooters find the same. If you approach any of the 'top' shots and ask for guidence they'll bend over backwards to help. I get the greatest satisfaction from seeing a new member join my club, soak up all the info you give him, get hooked on HFT/FT and then beat you at your own game. Happened to me last weekend at Thorn Dell. Well done Lanky Mark (git)

Originally Posted by cb2591 View Post
Dont think you can change the misconceptions. Its just human nature. Ive only been to one friendly shoot and loved it. I only shoot springers. Ive been unable to travel due to work,but im gonna make a real effort to enter more comps.
The more shoots you attend the more people you get to know. Very soon you'll realise that the vast majority of these lads and lasses are sound as a pound. You'll also recieve a huge anount of respect for shooting your springer. I've tried in the past right up to buying a hand built Venom from Steve Pope but still didn't have the skill or patience to shoot it well. ....c'mon imagine going to a few more shoots and rinsing the lads with the top end PCP's....what a feeling

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