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At the end of the day you will always get the moaners whinging about the kit being used, its simple if you don’t agree with it don’t do HFT!!! The 200 + entries at the Nationals and the numbers at the different club comps around the country each week I think speaks for itself, people who actually shoot HFT don’t have a problem with what kit is used and I personally think the people who do just need an excuse why others are beating them, then you get others who post hoping to get a rise out of HFT shooters, but they are just sad fookers who are not even any good at the sport they do and most likely never will be
The way HFT is and always has been is any kit is allowed, although there are restrictions on some gear, come and shoot what you want and ’s wont win trophies but if people can afford the top end gear and that’s what they want to shoot then best of luck to them.

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