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Originally Posted by NarkyMark View Post
I've not been shooting very long, Anston, November last year was my first ever comp' with the BSAOG forum, since then I have been truly hooked.....
I can honestly say I have never felt I have had to make an impression, If anything I have had nothing but encouragement and guidance by some of (IMO) thee best shooters in both FT & HFT, I choose to shoot an EV for HFT simply because that is what I find I shoot consistantly better with, it does not make me a better shot, as it was only the other week I equalled my PB that I had previously set with my BSA 2 months earlier, I have since beaten that again with the EV, maybe I would of with my Beesa, I don't know, I don't really care.
As already said I am in the process of having my Beesa reborn, If after trials, I can shoot it better than my EV then I will be using that as my main HFT rifle instead.
Sod impressions, I'll shoot what I shoot best!

Then you sir, are a proper shooter
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