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Originally Posted by cb2591 View Post
Ah the point? Very simple, easy to comprehend and understand. Its all about impressions. The grass root shooters pick up a mag . On the front cover Brook Bond is holding an expensive rifle, standing next to a super car. They then turn to the article.The old pals including the MD of Daystate have got together ,purchasing ,borrowing ,whatever old pals do.Its decided its the dogs danglers. Grass roots thinks ,HFT, its all about the gear.and the right contacts. As i said impressions.

Hello Bud,

I am the chap who took the picture on the front cover and I wrote the article on the Platinum,

This is why we did it like we did.

Roger lives 5 minutes from my house and as such I use him, as well as some other local shooters for my articles. Rogers gun was number 007, So I thought it would be a bit of fun to dress him up like James Bond and get him to Stand next to an Aston Martin. I hope you will agree, it does make a good cover.

However, if you look at my other article on improve your shooting, you will see that i shoot a second hand Daystate Mk3 worth about 400 and a Hawke 10x42 worth about 180. This is hardly top end kit.

I drive all over the country shooting in the UKAHFT and I really enjoy it, I am a shooter first, then a photographer and then a writer, So come along to a UKAHFT event, come and find me and I will put your picture with your rifle in the magazine

all the best

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