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Originally Posted by cb2591 View Post
Ah the point? Very simple, easy to comprehend and understand. Its all about impressions. The grass root shooters pick up a mag . On the front cover Brook Bond is holding an expensive rifle, standing next to a super car. They then turn to the article.The old pals including the MD of Daystate have got together ,purchasing ,borrowing ,whatever old pals do.Its decided its the dogs danglers. Grass roots thinks ,HFT, its all about the gear.and the right contacts. As i said impressions.

The image portrayed for that article is a tie in to do with the serial number of the rifle..i.e. 007. Brook Bond (AKA Laity) purchased the rifle with his own hard earned and as for old pals, you'd find that if you shot HFT and in particular the national series, you make a lot of friends some of whom are shooting journalists, MD of gun companies, game fair organisers, etc. Within HFT there are hundreds and hundreds of people and I'm sure if questioned 99.9% would say its nob all to do with the equipment and contacts and all to do with having fun. The impressions given off to anyone that is even remotely involved in airgunning beyond reading a magazine will be one of come and enjoy yourself and if you wish to shoot a 1000+ super gun or a 50quid springer then so be it and you won't be judged but you will have a bloody good time.
Basically get up off the couch, put down the comic, go out in the real world, find a club and enjoy it for what it is and leave the misconceptions to the uneducated.
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