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Originally Posted by 5teve L View Post
How would the grading be sorted though ??
What i mean is how do you decide or who decides what grade you are from the off ??
It sure would be interesting to see what rifles/people were consistantly in A & what were B...

Hi Steve,

If we were to use a grading system for next year we would use this years scores to get an average for everyone, then we would need to group them into specific grades.

We couldn't use the same system as FT as our Average score for the first 3 rounds is over 80% of the winners total. We have a lot of shooters over 90% so that could be one grade, whereas at each round we have very few shooters under 60%.

Off the top of my head you could look at a split like this:

Shooters averaging 90% or above would be AA Grade
Shooters averaging between 80 & 90% would be A Grade
Shooters averaging between 70 & 80% would be B Grade
Shooters averaging below 70% would be C Grade.

We would have to look at how to place new shooters as they may be experienced shooter who just haven't done UKAHFT before, we could therefore use a system like they do down south for FT, new shooters go in the top grade until they have a few scores, after this you have an average to grade them.
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