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Originally Posted by Gibbs View Post
I'm not a big fan of satnav, maybe I'll get one when they work properly.
Mine's the cheapest Tom Tom available and provided I give it the correct inputs I generally get the correct output. On occasion I ignore it. Well, I've always looked at the map and considered the different routes before leaving anyway and so if I know there's a blockage or roadworks then I know something that the SatNav doesn't.

Originally Posted by The Telegraph
But campaigners fear that the devices can often replace common sense and believe many users may be putting their lives in danger as a result.
...I suspect those who allow the SatNav to replace their common sense never had much in the first place. (and generally it's best to ignore people campaigning about this sort of thing anyway, they're often either shrivelled up kill-joys, 'interested parties' or people who are looking to increase their power at the expense of your liberty)

Originally Posted by The Telegraph
One in five of the 2,000 motorists polled blamed the gadget for making them hesitate on a busy road and lose track of the traffic, while more than one in 50 said it had caused or nearly caused an accident.
Yeah, much easier to blame a device for someone being an arse than accept the blame themselves. As Mandy Rice-Davis would have said. 'They would say that wouldn't they' (oh and as far as the 300, 000 figure goes, it looks like they're extrapolating from the survey population of 2000, nice headline but arse-gravy as far as an established fact goes)

I'm not a great driver, but funnily enough the two accidents that I've had were the result of me not paying attention, not because SatNav reached out and stole a bit of my brain! In fact in both cases the SatNav was in it's little case in my glove compartment.

In 2002 (the first year I could find stats for) in the UK there were 641,238 reported accidents on the roads. Okay that will have gone up quite a bit. Say it's doubled. That's 1.3 million accidents a year (that'll be an over estimation but let's use it anyway). Are we saying that SatNavs are responsible for a quarter of all accidents?

I doubt that SatNavs are even used in a quarter of all car journeys let alone the ones that are associated with accidents.

Honestly, I don't work for Tom Tom or Garmin but trust me, they do make life a lot easier. Treat yourself to one, do your homework like you do at the moment before leaving and most important of all, make sure the post code is genuinely the right one (Yes I'm talking to you Kibworth! ) or better yet get the lat/long for the club. Even more accurate that way!
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